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Someday Soon
TC ( / Mississippi)

Someday Soon

The day you came and touch my heart; you, gave my life such a meaningful part in this aging world.

We began to live together.

We made our two lives into one.

We had such fun until you had to depart.

Now, my life isn’t one but half.

Every song I hear I sing to you.

Every sweet aroma makes me dream of you.

Every love soaked couple I witness reminds my heart of the emptiness.

Every night I lay in bed I yearn to have you.

The way it used to be.

The dessert has more life than my soul.

The true meaning of loneliness is as bright as the full moon in the midnight sky.

But someday soon.

I will quit this crazy fun around.

Someday soon.

This spinning rock will lose it’s grip on me.

Someday soon.

I will be allowed to fall away from this floating ball and pack my only possession.

Someday soon.

We shall be the two that equals one.

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