AET (1/28/89 / Brooklyn, NY)

Someday The Dream Will End

Someday the dream will end. The dream of dreams. The dream that gives us a freedom from reality. The dream we believe is life. The one that conquers all others. A dream that continues over time, to blend itself with reality. Someday the dream will end.

And on that day, it will not be glorious, but a day of relief. The freedom from Freedom. The pain from the separation of this parasitic dream will give us freedom. Then the Dream will end. And then we will be reborn to the world, with new eyes at life. Eyes that see what was never seen, never dreamed. What was will be a memory; what will be, will be but a dream. Someday the dream will end.

For if it were not a dream, then life would be a breeze. A breeze that even the great Aeolus cannot control. For he and the other gods cannot even foresee The Dream. The Dream that effects my heart more than my mind.
My Dream will end......Someday.

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Interesting and very explanatory.