WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Someday We'll Be Together

Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Sunday, November 6,2011, @ 6: 21 AM

Lost and confused
Not knowing what to do
Understanding, not the words being said
I cannot silence the noises in my head

Standing looking into space
My bed is such a lonely place
No longer seeing the sunlight
No longer sleeping at night

Rests just won't come
My body feels so numb
Shivering stands my neck hairs
Can't recover from the nightmares

Thoughts now random
Peace comes seldom
Me, myself, and I in a threesome
At the foot of my bed stood a phantom

Lonely won't leave me alone
From my steed I've been thrown
Darkness covers the horizon
My mind is my dungeon

Once I was in heaven
Paradise now seems foreign
Stubbornness I forgave
For the warmth, I crave

Finding so hard to exist
Nothing was check from my list
Happiness was my only concern
I have no idea now when it'll return

Broken is my heart
My mate and I are apart
Sleepless nights rousing in the darkness
Solitude is now my fortress

Vanished without a trace
The smile no longer on my face
Wanting your tender embrace
Thoughts I cannot erase

Did things in such haste
A rainbow I chased
Steps I retraced
Now feeling displaced

Missing your fragrance
Needing your presence
Needed now is patience
The heart knows no distance

Now I must make due
All my thoughts are on you
No matter what the weather
Someday we'll be together

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