Someday We Will All Have A Blimp

Poem By Daniel Thomas Moran

We will all
have a blimp,
With our names
in big letters
on the sides
if we'd like.
We'll climb
into our gondolas.
Keeping our
grand nose into
the breezes, we'll
dream our dreams
to the soft hums
of our tiny propellers.
We'll count all
the swimming pools,
and scour the world
for parades and ballgames.
The sun will
make us squint,
even on cloudy days.
We'll notice
just how funny
things look from
way up there.
And maybe, one day
our beautiful wives
will come with us
bringing along our
beautiful children.
Unless they all
awaken that morning
and decide,
it might be
a better day
to take out
the submarine.

Comments about Someday We Will All Have A Blimp

This one didn't work for me as well as the two other poems that I remarked upon.

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