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Massachusetts To Virginia
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Massachusetts To Virginia

Poem By John Greenleaf Whittier

If I can express,
From my own point of view...
A committment to honesty,
As 'my' experience with it
Allows me to be.
With a self assessment...
That encourages I should be limitation free.
I will not be seeking opinions,
As to how my own impressions...
Affect me emotionally,
Mentally or physically.
I am immediately alerted.

Or why my feelings are felt,
The way I feel them.
I am immediately alerted.

Nor am I going to address that in debate.
To await who wins!
I am immediately alerted.

If I say I feel a certain way about my life...
I do not seek a validation.
Nor will I take random surveys.
I am immediately alerted.

Any emotions I can not define...
That are mine,
Has very little to do with outside observations.
No needs do I have to schedule visits,
With qualifying psychiatrists.
Or analytical dissections of dysfunctions,
Performed by anyone ordained...
To deliver sermons from a pulpit.
Who believes themselves to be more in touch,
With 'my' reality.
Since all my realities have my name on them!
My creditors will vouch for that!
And would be happy I've made any attempts,
To contact them at all!

So if there is anyone who is in doubt,
About what comes out of my mouth.
Know this...
Any questions I may have,
About my life and directions I take...
To broaden my own awareness,
Will 'first' be heard by God.
And what is decided from 'our' conferences...
More than likely!
And will produce all the comprehension I need.

Unless God is not available.
And it is rare I've had to reschedule,
Priorities to accomodate my visits with Him...
Her or IT.
So far,
I've been extremely fortunate...
To find I am expected.

I am immediately alerted about this!

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