A comforting hand, a helping hug.
People are always talking about their guardian angels.
But those warm feelings have to prove something? What is it?
Something has to be looking after us.

A spider bite sends pain up a little leg.
Red lines shoot up and down my leg.
‘O God this is unbearable I need help.’
A warm touch on my shoulder and no one is there.
Next morning running around... painless.
Something has to be there.

Blood boiling at midnight. Something’s wrong.
Can’t sleep at all feeling horrible no one can help.
Too scared to sleep. Too scared of something or is it someone?
A warm feeling almost undescribable. I fall into sleep.
I think something is there for help.

Driving along the road, tunes a‘blaring,
in minute fun is over and we are headed for the ditch.
Flipping, tossing, turning, rolling, glass breaking.
This can’t be it. This can’t be the end? I need to live... we all do!
A glimmer of light, a face of hope.
Someone is there. I know it!

Those warm feelings someone’s there. Those comforting hugs is someone.
Proof that someone watches over us.
In our darkest hours when we feel most alone.
Someone is there for us.
A face of hope. For all of us.

by S.M. Riggin

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