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MMI (March 25,1992 / )


I was trying to be someone
The person you would always love
But at some point I went wrong
So, now you don’t want me
But I realized if I am not good enough
Then the person I was trying to be
Is far worse than what I can be
Touch me and tell me what you feel
Don’t tell me I am not what you want
Because what you want is not great
And I am far more than great
I am too good to be in your heart
Throw me out and let me fly
Because I can not be what you want
I tried my best but my best is the worse to you
I wanted you to hold me and keep me tight
Right in your warm arms but if I can’t be held
Then I am too soft and I slipped away
I am so good that you can’t have me any more
I am not even going to pretend to be
Somewhat I am not because I tried
And I failed, I see now that I can’t fail to be me
Because me will never fail!

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