(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Someone Different

There are those who have identities,
And have known themselves so well...
They at times offend others,
Who have been given a perception...
Of an image that conflicts with their beliefs.
To leave the person they finally meet,
After never having met before...
Disappointing their expectations.

'I thought you would be someone different? '

I wish I knew who you had spoken to.
I'm sure they were as close to me,
As a passerby on the street.
Or flourishing an embellishment.
It would have given me more time to rehearse,
That person you believed you would meet.~

'I know.
At least I would have had more time,
To re-act appropriately.'

~You're doing fine.
Perhaps with conversation,
I can assist in eliminating your confusion.
We can try that if you wish? ~

Say something sarcastic.'

~To you about you or just in general?
Now I am confused.
Do you wish to know 'me'?
Or just be entertained? ~

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