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Someone Else's Frightmare (To Pamela Voorhees)
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Someone Else's Frightmare (To Pamela Voorhees)

Into the dark misty cavern I am cautiously walking,
Trying not to waken the watchful monstrous guards.
With both mortal fear and burning anger I am choking
While my thoughts disintegrate into separate shards.
The voices from the other side are telling me I am near
The hidden trapdoor that I right now have to unlock.
Something's wrong with the key, and I want outa here
When I hear a familiar voice, ''Don't be such a wet sock!
Release my only child from his eternal water prison,
Otherwise with this crowbar I will smash up your head.''
I face Mrs. Voorhees and feel her painful love for Jason.
The nightmare vanishes, but I know he's still there, undead.

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