(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Someone Else's Garbage

She had bigger gonads than Goliath!
Oh yes she did!
She introduced me to her boyfriend.
And I was living still at the crib!
We were married!
He came by to pick her up for a date!
This was happening...
I couldn't believe!
And neither could they!
I told them to have a good time...
And enjoy the evening!
I know I was going to!
Somebody wanted to see somebody act a fool!
And I wasn't in the mood!
If she allowed herself to show disrespect like that!
I certaintly wasn't going to show her I cared!
I don't pick over left overs...
Or worry about someone else's garbage!

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don't be hatin' now. (ha ha ha) fun piece but I won't laugh anymore in case it was a real situation. (biting my upper lip) big brass ones, eh? -Tailor
Wow gonads of steel! What a write!