JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Someone I Know On A Cloud

so far away
but I know you don't want to be
so far away from me
and from yourself

so far away
from the happiness we had vowed
but it's so nice to see
someone I know on a cloud

and I only hope you are happier than I
I'm just gazing at the sky
while you are a part of a world so proud,
someone I know on a cloud

there are nights I remember
but even more that I forget
as time takes control
I become a sea of disregard
and I ignore
and I forget

some time ago I wanted to forget
but now it makes me feel so much older
some time ago I wanted to be older
but I've seen how hard it is
and I would love to live life backwards
and save the best for last

I see my reflection in the universe
a star in the midst of a crowd
I sigh softly and wave goodbye
to someone I used to know
on a cloud

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