Someone I Know

Poem By Mohammed Ayed

people say in order to gain something you must sacrifice in return
but I know that is not true I know someone will make this undo

then I met her, her who gives without hesitate
she take care of her little brothers she loves them blindly

little one going for a bag longing for some candy
and middle one running for the teady bears rejoicingly
and the eldest searching for money avidly

she looks around looking for some weapon something handy
then they run away screaming Mommy a Mummy!
She follows them wearing light smile then she shouts you will cry

but Sometimes she feels lonely sometimes she even cries
Being the oldest should be with being strong? ?
Curse even swear you are in this world who can blame? ?

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hehehehehehehehe ^_^ Well, your first poem Way to go....Good for you

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