Someone In The Wings

Someone there to put it all together, working in the wings,
Also someone there to let the curtain up as our guest of honor sings,
The applause will be there, people everywhere displaying their approval of your stay. What goes around will come around as what people say, for the melody lingers on.

So don’t forget your lines, stage fright as they say, the curtain still down for you have studied very hard, once the curtain up it will come to you, as confidence that someone standing in the wings will guide you through, as they know all the words,

Suddenly you are on your own, the cycle to begin over again, the applause will be there and you will do your thing.

Don’t look down, look straight ahead,
Just stare out to the lights the audience you will feel, not see,
As they sit quietly behind the glare, engrossed in what they hear.
Don’t let ego get in the way, as ovation not at all.
Stray away to far to soon, you shall lose it all,

And remember that someone: ” working in the wings.
Will never let you down.”

Charles Garcia
Aug 2002

by Charles Garcia

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