~someone Knows~

I never thought that when I woke today
It'd be the last time you opened your eyes
I can not say that I'm ok
Nor can I say that I'm alive

So now you're gone and on your way
Heading to a place called there
No one really knows where there is
But I'm sure you'll know when you get there

Whispering wonders welcome your way
At the different paths you took
Formed them as you made your way
From the many pieces of different books

Hello, goodbye, hello again
Do we really say goodbye?
I recognize the way you speak
But your face eludes my mind

by E Nigma

Comments (3)

Just one big recycling program, hopefully not run by The State... nice
Even more intriguing. I like how you use a deceased loved one to face and question the Afterlife (if there is one) . My sincere apologies and regards if this is based on true person.
This poem is really beautiful and sad...a candid expression of the heart...Lovely!