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Someone Like You
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Someone Like You

Poem By don't ever ask

It’s funny how to see.
someone like you...
Who purges the air with mystery,
Who for the foreign eye,
Casts an enigmatic atmosphere...
Someone like you,
That seems to lack,
The capacity to love,
Someone like you,
Apparently monotonous,
Apparently dark...
Someone like you,
who for eveyone seems,
Uncapable to feel.
Yet I know the irrefutable truth,
I know that your obscured heart,
Is not lost,
Not yet.
I know that somewhere inside of you,
Something has started to undertake,
Something captivates you,
Something makes you passionate,
I suppose … that “something” has to do with me
So, give me your sad, wreckless, insane, criminal,
Illegal, creep, dark, nonsense, pointless, sick, bad,
Twisted, rough, mad, destructive, impure, heartless,
Rotten, ripped, furious and cursed love…
I’ll confine the curse,
I’ll shelter it,
I’ll uncorrupt it,
Just confide in me,
Give me your hand and follow me to paradise,
Where we’ll reside,
Just both of us…
Submerged in our darkness,
Submerged in our own destructive nature,
But together,
Until death do us part.

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I wish I had someone like you. I'm getting rid of all my family like i said I would. I'm ready ot move away from everything. I miss brian.
from the heart my love does not come that's why sad, wreckless, insane, criminal, illegal, creep, dark, nonsense, pointless, sick, bad, twisted, rough, mad, destructive, impure, heartless, rotten, ripped, furious, cursed my love is but it's mine and it's yours fire at will since my love is not love now you know it's something else would you love me anyway?