CJ (04-06-1992 / riverside, california)

Someone New

It’s like I’ve known her my whole life,
But she’s someone new like a sunset’s new sight… a new day…
The best part of my day…. In every way we’re alike.
She got me going crazy, like saying “I love you” and calling her baby.
Every word I say she’ll cherish forever,
In no way we’re different … we belong together, until the end of time or time until...
Fulfilled with every fantasy of saying I will, I meant I do,
There’s no doubt our love’s real and fells so true… she’s someone new.
Someone who’ll say any thing to make me smile… it’s been a while,
Since someone made me feel like this… makes no since… how everyday I reach out for her to come into my past…
“Can someone please give me a calculator so I can do the math”!
One girl… that means the world… to me + a promising future as bright as can be +
Every day spent with me × 3 = eternal happiness that I won’t have to pursue or chase…
Only to create… a foundation of trust instead of lust… no she blush when I tell her “you’re my good thing” because I’m committed to her heart with out no ring…I no sing songs that fill me with pride… no butterflies… I feel good inside.
She’s my ‘queen of hearts’… the best hand the lord dealt… that’s what my heart felt.
No matter how far you are, I’ll always find your twinkle my star… my moon light… my road that never ends, you’re my diamond because to me… you’re my best friend.
Even though you’re too far… in spirit we’re close,
Ashley’s the one thing, only thing I love most!

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Langston Hughes


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