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Someone Please..
LW (November 22 / Edmonton, AB)

Someone Please..

Poem By Leah Wells

Someone help me from this panicked life.
Someone please, please hear my calls of desperation & pain.
Someone come & pull me from the pit of this dark, engraved hole.
Someone remember the cuts on my arms & search for my lonely soul.

Someone save me from this invisible place people call life.
Someone take me away & keep me in the warmth of your heart.
Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one that's lost & still not found.
Someone take my hand & please don't let me walk this icey path alone.

Someone play that magical tune, the same aray of notes that has helped so many other souls.
Someone call out my name in the dark of the trees, search endlessly for my bruised & battered spirit.
Someone please catch my tears of blood, generated from my unconditional feeling of hurt.
Someone lift my chin up high & please tell me the true meaning of life & what it's all worth.

Someone please grab the serrated blade from my wrist before I bleed out to the core of humanity.
Someone please dump those special pills I hide under my bed before I smile wickedly at the last feeling of dizziness.
Someone please cut the rope that hangs from my closet or else I'll end up flying away & never return.
Someone please pull the plug from the drain because I'll help myself to the sea & become queen of the waters.

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