JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Someone, Somewhere, Somehow, Someday

I feel as if everything we’ve known
is aspiring to leave us on our own
walking blind in the dark
in the core of our hearts

there’s things in this life worth seeing
and there’s things in this life worth being
but why we don’t feel a comforting hand on our shoulders?
is that just because we’re getting older?

lately I see changes in everyone, everywhere
changes in how much or how little they care
changes in the way they think love is a wonder
with not one speck of fear that they’ll get pulled under

I think that we’re all souls of the same kind
when it comes down to what’s in the back of our minds
we hold tossed away dreams, and wars both lost and won
we hold times of laughter, and times we’ve come undone

we let go too early and grew up too fast
but we each have a window that leads to the past
we can travel down hallways and the pictures we see
will remind all of us who we used to be

where will these journeys lead us now?
through thick and thin will we manage somehow?
my heart beats so much faster than it did when I knew
that I would always have you... but will I always have you?

I question the light that fills up the space
I question the memories that all got erased
I question the promises, forgotten and broken
I question the words that we’ve never spoken

but I accept that we’re living, although sometimes
I don’t believe that I have a single clue why
I accept that I love you and I want you to stay
so that we can say... someone, somewhere, somehow...

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