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Someone Take Us Home
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Someone Take Us Home

I saw the sunshine
There upon the wind.

I saw the children
They have no food again.

I heard their pain
Out in the cold.

I know their minds
Who has sold our souls?

I saw their eyes
Someone take us home.

I just stood there
We are all so alone.

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Thank you janice. You are a blessed wonderful person. Children are so precious. I do not have any, nor have I fostered any. But I am sure they loved you and you loved them more than any items lost. As I often say about my animals, who destroy everything: My couch doesn't jump up and love me when I come home. Thank you for sharing this. Bless you.
I like you poem very much. I have a comment however. I have been doing foster care most of my life. I have had the consol kicked out of my car, holes in the walls, precious ornaments smashed, had to sell my home because neighbours complained. So much stress along with writing flat out for years. But still I continue and refuse to give up, for each child who passes across my door, there is a small way that I can help. Thats showing love and security. Some don't want it others do. But at least some are saved.
You read my mind, Sandra...I have a published poem about children...beautiful, just beautiful Theodora Onken
Excellent Sandra and so timely. And we must ask ourselves, who does care? And who has sold them out. H