DM (12-04-48 / Arlington Virginia)

Someone To Believe In

Oh the inner me
I wish you to shake
What now lies dormant
to once again wake

Like a grain of sand
the oyster does hold
Like a pure white pearl
My heart is yours to mold

For much too long
this heart lies dormant and still
Come and raise me from the depths
my heart is waiting for you to fill

I yearn to ride
the crested wave of life
To be raised from the dark
and be free of the loneliness and strife

With each wave's
rise and fall
to my heart
is it you that calls

Is the muted image ahead,
I see as I walk the shore,
the you my heart yearns to know
or just another unknown as always before

A love of my own
would it be a sin
to ask to be sent
Someone to Believe in


Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
June 2006

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