Someone To Call

I wish some one to call
I fear my imminent fall
May be days are over
Where can I find cover?

Do you suggest it with friends?
Will they rush at the time of my end?
Will they spare their precious time?
I am afraid they may come sometime

Whole scene passes off me like trailer
How I look mean and smaller?
Had I done enough for my brethren?
Who do they now bother and concern?

I miss them one by one
They were so close and near ones
I might have offended them many times
They were always ready in my bad times

I was bitter and always condemned
They may not tell on face but always named
All troubles were attributed to my handling
I was not welcome at all while dealing

I am left with handful of friends
I have come to terms and made many amends
Yet the old memory does not disappear
They want it not to happen and simply fear

I know their feelings but can’t do anything
I repent it now for doing wrong thing
They were kind enough to tolerate
I would go all out to defame them and narrate

This thought itself is troubling
My feet are shaking and crumbling
I think I may not last more
I want to see them therefore

I give call in wilderness and wait
It is my bad luck or fate
No one is by the side of my bed
Food intake is stopped and artificially fed

I would love to hear familiar words
I fear for some harsh punishment from the lords
I care for no such result after departure
I want old friends by the side for sure

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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I wish some one to call I fear my imminent fall