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Someone Told Me Once...
MOA (05/28/1984 / Lagos state, Nigeria)

Someone Told Me Once...

Poem By Michael Olakunle Adesanya

Someone told me once
Wishes don't come true
Dreams are always bad
Good days always few
But I know that's false
I feel it in my heart
Which beats in such a rhythm
That sets us all apart
Yet makes us unique
In what we think and do
So if I wish upon a star
Its only love of you

I have always had dreams
Some are good, some are bad
But they always tell me something
Some even make me sad
But I realize in the knowing
That purpose fills my life
So makes it so much easier
In those times I battle strife
This someone doesn't know it
But I feel her quaking fears
I know if given half a chance
But we do not live near

So I send to her my wishes
Of passion ever strong
Those show to her the course of love
To last each day is long
I send to her a message
That she read it ever day
That love should be her temple
A blessing in all ways
But most of all I send to her
Besides this love I feel
Friendship of the closest sort
For times where we're not near

To me life is a miracle
Each day that we do live
And if I wish to share a part
Then this part I shall give
It’s always easy to run away
To ignore what's deep within
But the feelings always do remain
Even those the size of pains
I don't know the reasons I feel this way
I only know I do
But if you really want to know
It starts with loving you

Miracles are never planned
They come when they will come
And when they do, you have to jump
At least up to the moon
Such feelings come but once in life
Or more for other things
And that to me brings me to love
For me it seems love sings
So if I wish or believe in fate
It’s just because I do
A simple boy who just believes
In life and loving

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