Someone Took My Life

Poem By George Bernard Hough

Have I lived a good life?
is paradise for me?
I always saw the best in men,
my respect was given free.

I never hurt Gods creatures,
not knowingly at least.
He gave them life as he did me
favouring man nor beast.

I never robbed a fellow man,
or did his name malign.
I left him free to live his life
as he should have let me, mine.

But then he took away the life
that God gave unto me.
Paradise is lost for him,
his soul to wander aimlessly

In limbo till the end of time
when he will meet his maker,
who will ask the reason for his deed
which made him, a God`s law breaker.

When God bestowed a life on me,
to end at his design.
No man should think he has the right
God`s will to undermine

Copyright B Hough 2012

Comments about Someone Took My Life

Good poem.....this is how it is.....there are laws everywhere that are to be obeyed

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