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Someone You Adore (C) 7-9-2012

Where do you start after being resurrected?
I've experienced death poetically but I've been restored to life.
A hiatus taken involuntarily and spontaneously,
It's hard to etch the first letter to begin my topic.
Here it goes I guess,
You see my resurrection isn't only in the sense of writing poetry, no.
Poetry was my first true love and love was the being I fell for.
But when I drifted away from poetry I didn't only lose my sense to write but,
I lost the sense to love anyone I'd potentially write about.
The greatest surprises are the ones that actually surprise you right?
The shock of no longer being a poet left me stiff and emotionless.
But just as involuntarily and spontaneously as I broke my bond
I wove a new one without noticing the thread in my hand.
See this is the real topic of the poem.
A woman, no.
A lady.
A celestial goddess sent with the sole purpose of reviving me.
Her mission was subtle and as unpredictable as you'd rank your favorite movies.
To understand the beauty behind someone, you cannot surface, well, around the surface.
Don't get me wrong she's beautiful but it was deeper than her eyes.
Past her freshly churned buttery skin, or her angelic voice
Her beauty exposed itself with the structure of the words composed in her poetry
Her ability to hold a conversation that didn't involve feelings.
The intelligence that can only be found in an activist for justice,
I found myself lulled by her essence and lured in like the Sirens themselves occupied her throat.
One night, one woman, one man, endless possibilities.
Our lips held tight to one another while our tongues silently danced
The euphoria emitted from her set me to heights beyond ecstasy.
Further than heaven in a dream state, she mothered my every emotion.
One woman severed the noose that suffocated the life out of the poet inside me
And unearthed the lover in me that I had lost so long ago.
She held rank above me in numbers but our true age was as one
The difference in our inception played a vague, unimportant role in the story of that night
In the moment I held her we had already lived forever together
But even forever can't contain the passing of a moment and I prayed for time to give us eternity
It hadn't yet dawned on me that I may never see this woman again.
Her mission complete, she no longer has reason to hold onto me,
One night, one place, one moment, gone forever
Submerged in my memories, possibly never to indulge us with a sequel.
Was it a dream? I wouldn't doubt it, reality isn't that wonderful.
I was awakened by the crow of her arm pulling me into her believing she'd be lying beside me
Yet again it was merely a tease that'll haunt me until I see her once more
I stood stagnant at work, short of breath, because the energy to breathe went to the thought of her
But that's what happens when you've met someone you adore

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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