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Sometbing To Stumble Upon
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Sometbing To Stumble Upon

So sweet
So sweet those eyes are to meet.
Brings those ancient chills,
revives the way I used to feel.
And I taste the flattery,
but it doesn't worth as much as it used to be.
You see, it's a love to stumble upon,
on and on,
but never to pick up our trace and continue on.

It's a visible connection.
The uneasiness,
knowing you've been feeling this.
this thing that you can't resist,
it just persists,
you mind doesn't assist.
So now I stop before it gets out of control.
Your too bittersweet love takes its toll,
another beating to my tarnished soul.
You see,
it's a love to stumble upon,
but never continue on.

And we keep on staring.
So taboo,
that now it is daring.
And it seems that all our thoughts,
now too late,
we are sharing.
I swear I see it all in your eyes.
It's funny how I'm still surprise,
that my face, myself
is where your true desire lies.
Oh and your eyes said
that they finally knew,
what your actions, your words can do.

Maybe these thoughts will never be gone.
Forever I may be your center of attention.
It's funny how all this,
comes in just a second.
Then reality comes.....
It's a love to stumble upon,
never continue on.

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