(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Something About Insight, Intuition And Awareness

There is something about insight, intuition and awareness
That can not be taught.
Like common sense is not a family trait.
It is either there or it isn't.
Experience in observation seems to be a prerequisite.
And some folks are born to walk around,
With their heads in the clouds.

I have actually had conversations,
With those who can lie easily with a straight face.
And then embellish that with something else.
Not aware they do not have to split their lips...
Before my radar detects dishonesty about to arrive.
Dressed elegantly in full BS.

There is something about insight, intuition and awareness...
That uplifts a consciousness that is far less expensive,
Than daydreaming during a college lecture.
And much more adventurous,
Than sitting to listen to a professor's drone!
Trust me.
Been there/done that!

It just amazes me people with college degrees,
And thousands of dollars still owed on loans...
Don't have a dropp of common sense!
If I was the one paying...
I would sue!
Or demand my money back for malpractice.
The expectation and what has been accomplished,
Just does not provide the balance.
Can you 'feel' me on this?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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