Something About Our Love

There is something in the friction of
our touch
that electirifies and soothes that spot
deep inside that
I love so much...
There is something in the harmony and melody of
our moans
that shivers and trickles down my spine
and suddenly they are changed
to groans...of passion and heat.
There is something in the softness of
our kisses
that confirms and reassures that
our love is not just a physical act,
but an open affair...the love that we share.
There is something in the warmth of
our bodies
as we lay in lover's arms
that this alone can protect from the danger and harm
of hurtful words and misplaced trust.
There is something in the way that we are...
that is unique and is to be treasured,
despite whatever we may weather in our path.

by Khauri Teverbaugh

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and ur love is full of passion and brilliance..beautiful write..u amazing!