Something About The Sea

The clouds guide the tide,
as a lighthouse protects its rocky shore,
As if the sea is to hold its breath,
a breeze waits its turn,

A majestic whale breaks the surface,
just to be the first,
The fish dance to the rhythm of the ocean waves,
even when the waves smite the rocks and burst,

The rain tiptoes across the ancient waters,
memorizing every moment until the last dropp of water is lost into the sea.
Time never ends,
just like the waves when they are inhaled by the ocean or sea,
the waves may be balmy, but a storm can enrage these so called peaceful waters.

by Paige Thomas

Comments (3)

A Lovely Poem. and you are so young. I am impressed and hope you continue to write.
Brilliant write, enjoyed it :) take care Ricky
This is stunning, absolute genius. Brings a tear to my eyes as it reminds me of Durban, and all my days spent fighting the waves with a surfboard. I have had so many beautiful times by the sea, nice to see it summed up into a poem. Effie. xxxx