MS (The Twenty-Seventh of January / I was Born in Tuscon Then I moved to Phoenix)

Something Bein' Done

How is that everybody asks me to do something, but everytime I ask for something It's a 'no'. I am So sick of people walking all over me. One of these days I am going to kill myself, I am already anyways. I am killing myself by all the anger kept inside of me, if i was to let this anger out somebody would be dead. Even the people I love is getting to be a big pain. I can't handle this. What am I suppose To do? I want to be dead, I hate everything about my life. I basically hate evrything and everybody in it. I just want to scream my head off, or maybey cut it off. Can somebody help me. Of course not because that's what I want and of course It's too much to ask for. They would want something done first, and I am in so much pain that nobody understands. What am I suppose to Do?

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What a rant! You must first love and respect yourself first before anyone else will. You should set this up in stanzas so it scans effectively. I love the line... I want to scream my head off, or maybe cut it off. Very original and takes the reader to your dark thoughts. Keep writing and rant away! R.