'Something' Being Overlooked

When any relationship begins,
With dishonesty introduced...
Why is it the one seduced by lies,
And should have been aware of this...
Becomes hurt when they learn,
Infidelity has taken place?
And their mate is caught being unfaithful?

To then express they do to someone else,
And with innocence expecting empathy...
How they've been made to appear as if a fool.
As if this confession will shock and come as a surprise.
To no one it isn't.
Especially to anyone within listening distance.

'I thought being a fool was what had been accepted?
Now that's the surprise that has me shocked.'

~Look for signs of pretense.~

'There isn't any.'

~None? Not even a hint of one? ~

And, you know I'm into body language.'

Let's get closer.
There's got to be 'something' being overlooked.~

'You go.
I don't want to appear to be that nosey.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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