Something Easy To Do

I am told,
Since I enjoy writing...
I must find it easy to do!

First of all...
If someone finds something easy to do.
And they brag about it,
Not because what is done is 'liked'.
It is done because they find it easy.

Nothing is easy about writing.
In fact,
Those creative things I enjoy...
I don't find easy at all!
There are too many critiques involved.
Folks constantly expressing their judgements.
And then there are those who have jobs and drink coffee,
All day long to tell someone like me,
I should get a real job!

I was told that one time,
By someone taking a two hour lunch break!
And if it takes me two days to a month,
To complete a task...
I don't take breaks until that task is done.

I can't think of one creative person,
Associated with the economic collapse.
No one I know with discipline...
Has time to feed a greed.

And ultimately,
Those of creative minds will have to mend this mess!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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