Something Far More Serious

An escalating of truth,
Is finding its way to dispute delusions.
And the falsities of realities to believe.

Hatred and bigotry. Done increasingly,
To permit violence, crime and corruption...
As a way of life to accept it done.
Are no longer assumptions to dismiss.
As isolated incidents.

And those who have chosen,
To continue risking obvious disparities...
Are the ones seeking to prevent,
Their deceptions and lies...
From being exposed to keep hidden and denied.
Criticizing those oppressed for a mess,
They did not create to celebrated,
The effectiveness of it.

'What on God's Earth,
Is causing the rise of of all of this sick...
And mental problems revealing to exist? '

Let's see.
Could it be...
A breakdown of a lack,
And total respect for honesty? ~

That's too simple.
I'm talking about,
Something far more serious than that.'

~Like what? ~

'You know.
Some folks just can not accept,
Who God has chosen...
To keep them remembering,
Their boundaries and places...
With them limited and they should stay.'

~Those are racist and bigoted remarks.~

'Everyone knows to quote these passages,
From their Bibles.'

And who created the weapons,
To destroy humanity.
With their kept evil misdeeds? ~

'I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about something far more serious.'

~Like what? ~

'Isn't it obvious who has the power,
To legislate their way of life?
And who should follow those rules,
Not to protest.
But to value them as being kept justified.
Some people need to learn,
How to obey 'our' laws.
The way they have been made to remain.
And whenever 'we' decide to change them.'

Isn't there a conflict of interests? ~

'You are not listening.
Haven't I already said...
It is something far more serious than that? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Who created the weapons? ! A question. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.