(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Something Far Superior

Let's pretend the Earth is round.
Spinning on a fragile axis.
And orbiting a Sun so massive.
One Earth within it,
Would never be noticed anywhere found.
And even though a stretch of the imagination,
Let's pretend this Earth spins...
With intelligent human beings,
Using their minds...
For thought, comprehension and understanding.
What is understood with faith made known...
Attracts the attention of a superior deity.
Much more superior than we,
Can pretend to imagine.
With that pretended to accept and believe...
Let us again pretend,
This round Earth can one day be found...
No longer to exist.
Because on it too many with thoughts,
Perceived with faith to fake...
Nothing so superior would remain invisible.
It was all THAT.

And listening to this,
Scattered petty chatter...
From a distance many light years away,
Sits this superior deity.
Focusing on a speck of dust.
Occupied by pretentious leeching mites.
To decide one day to create a better presentation.
Then after that happens,
That virus spreading speck of dust vanishes.
To end all of the pretentiousness on it.
And also gone were the leeching mites.

If it is possible.
Let's pretend,
All that we can imagine...
Has not been a result of God's doing.
But mankind.
To be found in self destruction mode.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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An imaginative write that explains all to a being who is Unseen.+++10 Robert