(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Something Fowl To De-Feather

Time is trying so hard,
To be kind...
To a longing entrapped in my mind.

I am aware my impatience holds,
Onto contemplation.
Enforced within a dancing hesitation.
As I consider...
Being available to blind dating.

And that expectation,
To inspect a prospective soulmate...
Stays attached to my awaiting fate.
Although my deflated ego,
May be used as temporary bait!
During these times,
I am reminded of my aging.

And yet...
When I hear knocking at my door,
I don't expect.
I wonder aloud...
'Is this an opportunity I should explore?
Or could this be a certified letter...
Being delivered I should ignore?
Or allow.

Is it another 'bill'?
This 'could' be a Mary! '

I look...
And discover,
It's my neighbor!
Ready to gossip as before.
('What a damn bore! ')

'Wouldn't it be easier,
To conduct a random survey? '
I am asked...
As my neighbor enters and passes,
'At least you would roam...
A few steps away from your own,
Comfort zone.'

That would ruin my flair for ambiance.
And homegrown hospitality,
That would be left begging to be shared.
I know someone for me will come...
To sniff the bliss scented air.

'Before or 'after'...
This misting of your 'BS' is released?
To spare those who prefer minted geese? '

What are you implying?
Should I...
Or should I not,
Continue to spray my place with curry?

'You want a ram or a lamb...
To spice your heated sheets? '

Good question.
I had not thought...
To lay my chops on mutton!
I had been thinking,
Of offering something fowl to de-feather!
Hoping it to please,
The taste of one seasoned....
And ready to de-frock for a bit of frolic.

'Then you must add a hint of garlic,
And roast with vitamin-E! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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