SA (12-05-1952 / Somewhere under heaven, Georgia, USA)


I promise not to break
just touch me-
Let the restraints be the reason
to defy your binds!

Just hold me once before I fall
away from this secret longing.

The obscurity hide between pages
that are left unread; a onesided love affair.

I've conjured up the meekest dreams,
I have traveling long enough behind you,
picking up some tossed aside word,
gorging myself on this fantasy.

So just once I will paint myself a new world,
where you dissolve,
where you are no longer the focus of
labourous hours of devotion.

You will be just a mere onlooker
smiling back at me as I wink into the crowd.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

Comments (3)

Your write is so sad and captures despair so vividly........10
So terrible and poignant. 'Vandals wear many disguises'. How true and how sad that sometimes they are disguised in the people we love or think we love. All the best, Shirley.
A poignant message of angst and redemption! Be well........