C (October 1991 / New York)

Something I Had To Say

if I never told you anything
just walked away and left you babe
would you still be as mad at me
as you are now

cause I thought that you would see
it was for you and not for me
I woulda rather'd walk away
and not say a thing

cause you don't know how hard it is
to walk away from somethin like this
and I will always love you babe
but it was just something,
something I had to say

and I'll never forget the face
you gave me as you walked away
and as much as I try and try
I'll never forget how much I cried

cause in my heart its me and you
fighting this whole thing through
and in the end it works out right
you give me a kiss as you say goodnight

but then I wake up from my dream and return
to the nightmare I created for myself.
and I'd love for you to hold me,
be there with your arms held out to me
but I know that's not happening

cause even as hard as it is
I walked away from something as great as this
and I mean it babe, I'll always love you
up until my time on this earth is through
and I hate what we became
but it was just something,
something I had to say

(to all those who broke up wtih someone cause it was for the best even though they still loved them)

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