( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

Something In The Wind

There’s something in the wind tonight,
It whispers in our ears
News of omens, auguries,
Half-formulated fears
For each and all our future years
In the darkening of the light.

Shall we like Caesar scorn the Ides
Though yet our days be with us?
Do we heed not the rainbow’s sign,
Earth shall not forgive us,
The seas and sands outlive us
Beneath the moon’s drawn tides.

Let nature calm the troubled breast
Where in the thicket purrs the dove,
There listen to his gentle voice
Softly, softly call his love
Beneath the clouds that drift above—
Oh blessed peace, oh blessed rest.

Let us together save the light,
Protect it from the rushing wind
Of human greed and folly
Then whisper to the tamarind
How we have eco-sinned
And so dispel the darkness of the night.

by Pete Crowther

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This is such a relaxing and peaceful poem, i love it. Well done HBH