Something Innocent

Poem By Jade Leven

another year has passed now
another cause for something to begin
and you could sense it on our skin
a strange and somehow cold desire...
to be the best one
to be brave and rise above them
but at the same time try to love them
friends are dust, but lovers are fire

as we made contact
a rushing sound grew steady
for something new we all were ready
and it made me melt inside...
we didn't know then
how this experiment would turn out
that every single heart would burn out
something innocent has died

what will they find here?
pieces of the shattered glass
traces of our scattered pasts
secrets that were never told...
will the message get through?
all that remains is our lies
seen only by our searching eyes
as empty as the souls they hold

now nothing matters
the details that we won't remember
echo into last December
trapped in my dissolving thoughts...
I can't escape this
this new and frightening sensation
love's most recent connotation
something innocent is lost

Comments about Something Innocent

this poem is a very exact depiction of what is happening, not only at daces, but in our every day lives. sad, but true. you poem is so refreshing. definitely a keeper.
This is truly awsome, Very nice read. Thanks so much for shareing this piece on innocents lost. 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison

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