Wish You Were Here.

I'm sad as an empty building,
brooding in the midst of a city's vibrant life.
Somewhere inside me would always love you,
even though you've pierced me with a knife.
No matter how high the walls between us seemed,
a woman who cannot have the man she loves,
there will always be,
a little dry patch in her heart.

I'm walking on the deepest ocean.
It's too strong and trying to drown me.
I'm scared but i don't let my fears get the best of me.
Wish i could control it.
And i wish you were here and standing right here.
Saying to me things i need to hear.
I wish you're not far, it's a wish upon a star.
I'm falling in love yet I'm falling from above.
And i wish you were here.

by Franca Kenneth

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