Something New

Poem By Andra Wadas

When Is it to soon
to say that you care
When you first met
A spark in the air
Time goes by
your thoughts only of him
when is it to soon
to tell him
a smile lights your face
just mentioning his name
when your together
it just seems right
can you see it
when you look in my eyes
can you feel it
when I am by your side
as your arms surround me
or just hand in hand
not wanting to let go
when the night comes to an end
saying our goodnight
excitement still lingers
cant wait to see you again

Comments about Something New

Somethings you do not need your own eyes to see nor your own ears to hear. For does your heart have such things as these?
I think he must know how you feel if he can see your eyes and hear your voice

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