KL (unknown / the womb)

Something Noble And Right? ?

On the verge of a nervous
There are some realities that

I have found.
War is a real and dangerous act.
Riding ones past and future alike.

Mutilations or any atrocities
gave full cognizance to all one had done.

Up personal and without a gun.
Cognition woke in me a saddness, I did not wish
To see.
Like a manuscript in some way
Learning it's line saves your day?

Understanding is something a soldier must learn to keep
What he has earned.

Many years has come and gone
And the impact I still do feel...

Just that knowledge makes me ill.
Deep in my mind I still...
Kill, Kill, Kill.

My love life is neither here nor there...
Yet I do not swear

But my insight is not on track.
So to hospital I go back, and back.
As strange as it may seem
I the soldier have a DREAM.

As soft headed as I might be
That dream is my reality...
My government refuse to set me free.

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