Something Out Of Nothing...

My word, my mind is challenged now
To get some verses down
And reach that final verse somehow
As if it were a crown...
To pen the thoughts before they fly
No more within plain sight
Such that I triumph when I try
From nothing here to write...

But then the challenge changes still
For something quite profound
To such a point I feel a thrill
As if now duty bound...
So here I pray for something new
To grace the page again
That God grants help in what I do
To make use of my pen...

And then it happens to unfold
As scenes my mind can share
And I know when the tale is told
That God has heard my prayer...
Yet not for me and me alone
When billions need God's word
And benefit from verses shown
That bless each time when heard...

Who knows what wonders yet await
That God could grant this day
From nothing to anticipate
To something new to say?
And so I bid each writer strive
With nothing yet at all
Until by faith each could arrive
At some sweet miracle...

Denis Martindale 10th of April 2016.

by Denis Martindale

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