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Something's Imminent
SOM (A Thursday,1987 / Tiobraid Arann)

Something's Imminent

Poem By Seán O Muiríosa

We’ll meet again,
Very soon in fact
At this birthday party
The one that was
A show for us last year;
I made a show of you
And later you of me.
I’m sure I’ll see you
By the bar probably
Ordering an orange.
You won’t be drinking,
You’re wiser now;
I will be drinking
The thoughts of you!
At least this year
I can hold my drink,
At least this year
I will be thinking
You are a no-go,
There’ll be no show.
And we may chat,
It’ll be friendly-like,
“How’s college going? ”
“Oh that’s great, ”
Sort of stuff.
No secret texting
Smiling across tables
And the rest that followed,
Followed me for months
From a narrow hallway.
I think I must say
We’ll be more mature,
You won’t even smile
When I tell you
That I’m single again;
I won’t even smile
When you tell me
That your still single.
No, no, none of that.
Happy Birthday
Must be sung, will be;
Our friend’s birthday
Will be number one.
Celebrations must be had,
The drink drank, of course,
The food not wasted.
It’ll be a proper party
This year
I’m living in the present,
I’m singing some songs
That don’t remind
Me of you,
You’re doing that too, right?
I’m having a night
Of singing and dancing,
Some chat, some craic,
To leave on a good note.
Last words will
Not be promises,
But I’ve saved for you
A nice, “see ya around.”

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I like the conversational tone of this piece, Sean- the bar colloquialisms etc. Ultimately, it is about a past relationship but what I love is that it's only alluded to. Ever the defiant male, your narrator does not get to the bottom of the matter but in a rather self-deluding manner, hopes for some amicable resolution. This has the makings of a great dramatic monolgue. I'm impressed.