Hold Me Forever.


Together we watched the blazing bronze sun, as it tried not to disappear,
for night was impatient to approach, with her starlit chandelier.
The moon was already hung high and cast a cool subduing light,
and excitement rushed through my veins, for romance was in the night.

Soft sand still warm on this Aussie beach, a cool breeze fondled my face,
and made the whispering palms rustle and sway, with a gentle delicate grace.
A constant crashing of breakers on the reef, made a serene and comforting roar,
sending foam wavelets to skip and dance, across the white meandering shore.

The foam flushed gold from the setting sun, as it raced over the sea’s blue bed,
and majestic billowing clouds soared gold overhead, forming a big thunderhead.
We casually strolled side by side in love, gently holding each other’s hand,
jumping over mischievous waves rushing in, across the wet hard packed sand.

Night soon arrived in ever changing displays, as moonlight painted a silver sea,
while lightning flashes in the clouds above, lit her face as she smiled up at me.
We lay embraced on the warm yielding sand, spellbound by the picture before,
and made unhurried tender sweet love, in that paradise on the Coral Sea shore.

I have tasted many delights upon this earth and those of the flesh and nature,
but never did any surpass that night, or possibly will any of those in the future.
And after the climactic confusion ceased, when our minds melded together as one,
our Love matured as we lay peacefully embraced, for each other’s hearts we had won.

by Barry Thompson

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