DG (9/19/1963 / )

Something She Said89

Some thing she said, a long time ago.
the words of a woman, who wanted to
go.you needed your space and a very
good friend, so i let you go and on you
went.You flew like a bird flying south,
you needed some one to take you
around, you had your self a plan that
went on down, could it be that your
sights are draging you down.
Some thing ive done, well maybe so,
but it really doesnt matter which one
goes.i gave you what i had, but you
thrue it all back, now all i see is a lady
who wants her man back.I hope you
find what your looking for, couse i couldnt
give you anything more.maybe some day
your see what i mean, so take it or leave
it, thats the way its got to be.

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some times you have to write what you feel, if it turns out good, great, if it turns out bad, , , , , , i can still live with that...one more thing, this was my first break up.....