MT (July / Kentucky)

Something So Beautiful

You were in my dream again to night. Not haunting, but playing a part. A lover, partner, companion. Though in reality that isnt truth. im instructed to not talk to you, not be around you. but i cant, your my everything and without you i cant live, i cant breath, i cant function. why do you risk your heart, your soul, your every breath, for me? Is love really one of the most powerful forces in the world? can it make you do things, dream of things, that even your mind cant figure out by itself? I go to sleep woundering why me? why am i differnt from any other girl, so you say. why are you the only guy ive ever fell in love with besides the one who already holds my heart. what is it about you that makes me put everything ive worked so long and hard for on the line, just so i cant talk to you. I dot get it, i dont understand it. but maybe thats why they call it love, something so beautiful that words itself cant explain.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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