Something Somewhere Somehow Someday

Living to the dream under the vial of something fantastic
Lost in my mind somewhere undesignated but simplistic
Reaching to a point of reasoning, so somehow I’m fine
As someday I know now this will all make sense in time

Let’s play on something unheard as part of me is hidden
Because inside somewhere I’ve a voice so far unspoken
Which somehow never comes to the surface the right way
So I might just be silent and look forward to it someday

Too much has been suffered by someone or something
That I sometimes look away from here to somewhere
Beyond the beautiful people that somehow I can’t touch
Angels that I know someday I can get to know as such

Too complicated in words always as I explain something
Frustrated with much love to give so I’m lost somewhere
I look upon people and society that somehow eludes me
The answer remains elusive; I will try to fathom someday

Giving touch found offence to something misunderstood
I remember too much of the past somewhere if I could
Find a place to run to and somehow forget this happened
But the past is unrelenting though I’ll recover someday

A pain inside so hidden away from something I so fear
Harsh realities of life dwell somewhere, there and here
Mind refuses to let this go before a heart somehow speaks
But knowing someday I will be ok before the hurt peaks

I’ll open this and let something blow in and touch my face
As I leave this and go somewhere to find my own space
A place to somehow take stock of my burdens of so many
That I know someday will lessen in time, in hope, if any

That I know for sure something will eventually break
Before I end up somewhere lost without much to take
And somehow find even then the strength to carry on
So I may look toward the world someday and be one

by Vision Ghost

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Very nicely written: -) ..I like this alot