Something Special

I just want to tell you
Something that you ought to know,
I'm going to express my feelings
With what I want to show
I simply want to show you
What you let my heart see,
I only want to tell you
That you are truly something special to me . . . My days are filled with happiness
Because I no longer feel sad,
You made me forget
About the heartache I once had
Embraced in your arms
From the hurt I feel free,
I hold you in mine because
You are truly something special to me . . . You have mended this heart
Which was twice broken in two,
I see myself as no one
If I were to be without you
Lying awake at night
Past the hours one, two, and three,
Trying to dream about you
Because you are truly something special to me.

by Alex F. Chavez

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