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Something Special Lies Inside
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Something Special Lies Inside

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Something special for you to keep.
Something special not far from reach.
Something true and pure of heart.
Something inside that lies apart.

The truest form of self-worth is our value to ourselves.
Not what we provide others only how we help ourselves.

When you can find that listed pathway,
The glory lies inside.
Knowing that your special is beauty that you find,
In a moment of sadness or heartfelt joy.
For it's not easily seen or shown by course.

Something Special Lies Inside,
A heart of pure Charity,
A soul of the bravest kind.

Something special for you to see.
Something special for all to be.

Let what we see and what we do,
Help us learn and see us through.

Life has a balance of good & bad.

Life has lessons that challenge our hand.

And beyond all that is weak-ed and pushed away.

Something Special Lies Inside for us all to pray & always keep.

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