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Something Wished
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Something Wished

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Love it.
When it comes to be given.
That something wished.
You wanted to get for your own.
To then know it picked.
And special.
By someone who makes,
Their feelings to you known.

Isn't it nice.
To have that one who loves you.
With a doing of this to express.
Only being yourself they expect.
What else can be so wonderful.
A you to be you by another loved.
And shown not to take for granted.

Love it.
This blessing to get.
Accept and receive it as if deserved.
Not too many are as fortunate.
Or believe they could be that much so loved.
And not too many awaken each day,
Receiving to get something wished.
But perceive they have to pay for it.
To then think less of it to take for granted.
As they would expect to eventually accept,
From another.
To do.
Then express disappointment.
They had been taken for granted.
But this did not have to happen.
If they had not wanted it,
For themselves to wish.

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